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High-End Zn/Al Composite Coating Geopert

Coefficient of Friction Modifier

TORCA aqueous coating is coefficient friction control liquid.

This product is a low viscosity can be coated fasteners in any kind of shape In addition, the odor is not at all pleasant working environment.

This is a one-compound water-based product without odor.

It is applied for scratch prevention, bi-metallic contact corrosion protection, increased adhesion property, and increased corrosion resistance.

    Product Model Appearance / Curing Temperature Coefficient of friction(μ) Torque coefficient(k)
    TORCA A Transparent
    170℃ × 20min
    0.08 ~ 0.14 0.12 ~ 0.19
    TORCA B Transparent
    170℃ × 20min
    0.10 ~ 0.15 0.15 ~ 0.21
    TORCA C Transparent
    170℃ × 20min
    0.12 ~ 0.18 0.17 ~ 0.24

Properties :

  • Appearance : Milky Liquid
  • Odor : Odorless
  • Viscosity (Zahn Cup # 2): 18 sec↑
  • pH: 8.0 – 10.0
  • SG: 1.040 - 1.080

Work Condition :

  • How to apply: Dipping / Spray
  • Drying temperature: 120 - 150 × 20 minutes (you will find the right temperature in advance through °C testing)
  • Coating number: 1Coating × 1Backing( Will be enough to shake off the water )
  • Thickness: 1.0 μm

Product Benefits :

  • This can achieve a desired coefficient of friction.
  • Since the one-component product without the need for a separate additive.
  • Mercury products arbitrarily fire danger has no odor, of course, the easy-to- manage solution.
  • ISince the coating is colorless and transparent, not plated original color.
  • job 1Coating x 1Backing, film thickness about 1.0 μm because the job simpler consumes very little liquid.

Applications :


Geopert Zinc Flake Coating
Geopert Zinc Flake Coating
Geopert Zinc Flake Coating
Geopert Zinc Flake Coating